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SCI-MX Shred-X Rippedcore is an effective and high strength weight management capsule. It has been formulated to assist weight management programs, whilst providing key vitamins and minerals.

SCI-MX Shred-X Rippedcore features a Shed-Fast Complex, to deliver maximum results. The Vit-MX-Lean complex delivers key vitamins and minerals, providing a range of added health benefits.

SCI-MX Shred-X Rippedcore works using a potent blend of herbal extracts and proven thermogenic ingredients – such as; Guarana, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean and Cayenne pepper.

SCI-MX Shred-X Rippedcore capsules deliver 192mg Caffeine per serving, to help reduce fatigue during exercise and can also help to improve mental focus and alertness.

Sci-MX Shred-X Rippedcore contains Riboflavin. This protects cells from oxidative stress, providing immune support and reduces muscle damage.

Sci-MX Shred-X Rippedcore contains Green Tea Extract. Now this is normally run alongside Caffeine due to the same properties. It can help mobilize fatty acids from fat tissues which can then be used for energy.

Sci-MX Shred X-Rippedcore can be taken before the gym to work as a pre workout. It can also be taken in the morning with a meal.


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