High Quality Creatine Monohydrate Added Beta Alanine Added Taurine Capsule Form

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Sci-Mx Creatine CT-MX is a high quality creatine in a capsule form. It has been made with the purest form of Creatine.

Creatine is normally number two when it comes to supplement stacks, obviously after protein. It is one of the most researched products in the world and many tests have been done with it.

Creatine works by restoring your ATP system. ATP is your body’s main source of energy. Once the creatine stores are depleted in your muscles, energy levels come to a halt.

Sci-Mx Creatine CT-MX contains Beta Alanine and Taurine which both help with endurance of your muscles making you work harder for longer.

Beta Alanine helps produce carnosine. Carnosine helps reduce the lactic acid build up in your muscles which essentially causes the burn affect and hinders you from going on.

Creatine can also help with increase your work load in a single training session. It also helps draw water to your muscles. This then volumises the cell and plays a huge role in muscle growth.

Sci-Mx Creatine CT-MX is a great supplement for anyone who lives an active lifestyle, trains hard or takes part in any explosive workout.

Creatine has been shown to work during a short burst, high intensity training session. These include weight lifting and sprinting.

There are many other forms of creatine, however creatine monohydrate is the more researched and is proven to work.

Sci-Mx Creatine CT-MX provides you with 5g of Creatine, 1g of Beta Alanine and 1g of Taurine. It also contains added Bioperine.


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